The whole Logistic Center for PERFECT is built under the GMP Certification requirements in accordance to “First In; First Out” basis. The ASRS installed was using Germany Technology with investment of USD6.0 million in total.

This modernized DC was implemented in 3 phases. The First phase was completed in August 2004 fulfill the solutions of operation and structural building requirements.

In July 2005, Perfect had continued to invest on the 2nd Phase project in order to further enhance the capacity and speed up the Store-in system from 1200PPH to 1800PPH.

The 3rd phase project, implemented from October 2005, the automation mechanism and operation speed would be further enhanced; indeed, allowing the Store-In and Store-Out process operated in full automated mechanism.

This modern Perfect DC is not just the important portion in Prefect’s Organization but stand as identical differentiation of Perfect Organization to others.