Personal Care

Perfect’s Personal Care series use Aloe Vera which is imported directly from US as its main ingredient. Its’ sub acidity not only can protect skin, but also functions in astringe and harmonising while moisturizing skin to let it be more energetic.



Aloe Gel

The gel is extracted from natural Aloe Vera plants by using a Cold-Stabilizing method.

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Unique formulation containing high quality natural Aloe Vera extract.


Restore Healthy Beautiful Hair
Nourishes and color-protecting formula for a smooth and silky shiny hair


Allo Vera Shinning Toothpaste- Set (180g x2)
Maintain oral health throughout the day and enjoy fresh breath all the time!


Mint Refresher Spray
Freshen your breath on the go - anytime and anywhere.


Repair damaged hair make hair soft and smooth Nourish your hair from root to tip