KR Red Ginseng Drink

Category: Health Food

Name: KR Red-G


The key ingredient of the specially-selected panax red ginseng drink is red ginseng of six years old. Red ginseng is produced with completely fresh ginseng, steamed until fully cooked before dehydration. The process generates unique saponin that fresh ginseng lacks of (including Rb1, Rc, Rg2, Rg3, Rh1, Rh2, Rs4, and Maltol), which greatly enhances the effectiveness of the ingredients. It takes six years for red ginseng to be completely mature, but the quality and effects of red ginseng of six years or more will be reduced; that is why the red ginseng of six years old is the most effective. A lot of researches show that red ginseng is able to relieve fatigue and stress, enhance immunity, improve memory, protect liver, and boost antioxidant activity. Researches also reveal that ginseng helps to maintain the health of blood circulation and improve the symptom of cold hands and feet on women.

Other ingredients of the specially-selected panax red ginseng drink include sapodilla, maca, and guarana; they make the essence easy to be absorbed by human body. Among them, sapodilla and guarana contain abundant antioxidant; fatigue can be relieved at the same time while implementing anti-aging. Additionally, maca contains abundant amino acid, vitamin, and minerals. The combination of various effective ingredients can boost our vitality, energy and sports performance instantly as well as enhance our immunity.

Main ingredients: Korean red ginseng, sapodilla, maca, and guarana.

Suitable for:

•   People who have insufficient sleep and busy work.

•   People who feel tired easily and carry higher stress.

•   People who pursue health.

•   People who care about general health.

Recommended Usage: One pack every day; direct consumption is allowed. The ingredients include plants, which might generate precipitate, but will not affect consumption.

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