The Modern Perfect Logistic Center was the core project in Perfect 2nd investment plan; it consists of 3 main sections, namely Raw Material (RM) Warehouse, Finished Goods (FG) Warehouse and main transport control conveyor system (out-door gallery system). There are about 4,300 pallet locations in Raw Material and Finished Goods Warehouses respectively; goods are stored at racking with 12 meters Height by 8 layers per row, that is the Narrow Aisle high-density racking system and Finished Goods ASRS. The out-door gallery transport control conveyor system is built to deliver the Finished Goods from factory to FG ASRS warehouse, which then being sorted by automated sortation system into Robotic Palletizing system for automatic palletizing, thereafter, entering the FG ASRS system. The entire FG ASRS system is equipped with automated management system and completely automatic operation.



The central computerized system managed the Store-In transport conveyor system, controlling the flow rate & items, to ensure the 1200PPH throughput. The sensing device of transport control system would automatically manage the flow, to avoid clashing incident; it is totally computerized and automatically making adjustment with 5 minutes interval. After completing 3rd phase expansion, the Store-In capacity would be increased to 1600PPH and a maximum of 1800PPH.


The computerized sortation system is able to sort the goods according to series (by weighing device, Bar Coding & etc.), thereafter automatic palletized by Robotic Arms and deliver to designated location on racking. Every carton has its own Bar codes and transported by individual transport conveyor line respectively as well as memorized the category, weight and other information. There are 9 outlet chutes, sorting 8 different categorized cartons simultaneously after inspected and read by Bar-Code Reader (BCR).


The system is able to generate automatically the information of storing quantity, manufacturing date, storing locations, categories and etc. This shall deserve the preparation for stock-take function, inventory control enquiry. The system would automatically distribute the goods in each category by individual bar code, which then delivers to respective location in storage racking. The ASRS has effectively utilized the spacing compare to conventional racking as well as increase the storing density.



The Store-Out is delivered according to orders, under the basis of “First In First Out”, quantity, category and other information, retrieving the goods from racking to Store-out transporting system. Using pre-set IP address, the stacker crane of ASRS would in-take the goods from store-in station and distribute the pallets to respective locations. The computerized system would automatically alert the user whenever it is overload or carrying empty carton. The stacker crane/ASRS retrieves the palletized goods from racking and deliver to conveyor system by Rail Guided Vehicle (RGV). The goods would be sent to dispatch area and distributed according to destination into designated trucks respectively.