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“Si Wu” is the main ingredient of Yin. which comprises four different Chinese herbs - Angelica sinensis, Paeoniae alba, Ligusticum chuanxiong and Rehmannia preparata. This is core ingredients that usually used to nourish blood, regulate menstruation and immunity purpose through tonifying treatment. Si Wu is regarded as warm without heaty in nature and is therefore highly recommended to those women who are used to reinforce supplementing action to nourish the blood, blood circulation, and dispel qὶ stasis in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) aspects.

Yin is prepared in accordance with the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine “SI WU”, Four-Agents-Decoction in the golden ratio for “nourishing the blood”, enhanced with Western active ingredient – Ferrous Bisglycinate, together with patented Fermented Soybean Essence, and also sugar replacement ingredient- Erythritol in the formulation. It believes to have efficacies to nourish the blood, regulate and normalize menstrual cycle, maintaining blood sugar levels and good for immune system.

Main ingredients: Angelica SinensisLigustici ChuanxiongEuphoria LonganaPaeoniae AlbaRehmanniae PreparataZiziphus JujubaLycium ChinenseFerrochel (Ferrous Bisglycinate)

Suitable for:

•   Women aged 12 or above

•   Those who have anemia, blood or qi deficiency syndromes

•   Women who have menstrual disorder

•   Women who desire to pursue beauty improvement and general well-being of health.

Recommended Usage: Shake well and consume directly. Take one sachet once a day.

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