H2 Rich Water Generator

Category: Household

Name:H2 Rich Water Generator (with 3 pcs Carbon Filters)


Perfect H2 Rich Water Generator is easy to operate and can produce high-quality hydrogen water with a hydrogen concentration of about 1,200 ppb within a short time, which is suitable for modern people with busy lifestyle. Hydrogen-enriched water has a good ion balance, it does not separate the alkaline or acidic water, and only dissolves high-concentration pure hydrogen molecules, and does not change the pH of the water.

Hydrogen water is the most convenient antioxidant. In addition to daily drinking, it can also be used to wash vegetables, fruits or meat to maintain its original flavor. Drinking 8 cups of hydrogen water every day will have the same antioxidant effect as eating a lot of vegetables. It can resist aging and fatigue, help improve bowel problems, prevent osteoporosis, and promote joint health. It is an essential household appliance for every family.

Suitable for:

• Those who love sports and hiking

• Those who love planting

• Those with weak body

• Focus on weight, skin, health

• Senior citizens

• Child

Recommended Usage: Pour boiling or filtered warm water into the Perfect H2 Rich Water Generator, and select 10/20/30 minutes according to the amount of water to produce hydrogen water.

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