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Other than containing dietary fiber powder, fermented soybean extract, an active ingredient which is specially added to the ingredients of Fibgreen. Fermented soybean extract starts from pure, purified and symbiotic culture with many kinds of lactobacillus and yeast, through anaerobic fermentation, sterilization, concentration, and filtering before obtaining “vital ingredients of the fermentation extract”. It may directly absorb by the gastrointestinal tract in the human body, improve immunity, maintain blood pressure, improve the function of gastrointestinal tract (Functional claim granted by Taiwan Local Authority) and control blood cholesterol. The whole process takes 4.5 months to complete.  The precious lactic acid bacteria fermented soybean extract has been developed through precise technology, having obtained 20 patents all over the world successively, which includes: China, USA, European Union, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Among them, “the application of fermented soybean extract preparation” has obtained patents in 9 countries and areas.

Ingredients: Psyllium Husk Powder, Barly Grass Powder, Fermented Soybean Extract, and Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Juice Powder (contain enzymes)

Suitable for:

• People who care about immunity and the blood lipid

• People who are with high mental pressure, imbalanced diet, irregular life routine

• People who care about the health of gastrointestinal tract

• People who care about general well-being

Recommended Usage:

1-2 packs of Fibgreen every day (either take it at the same time or separately). It can be taken directly or added to 150 ml of warm/cold water, stir we

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