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Name: Passionbeau


In order to maintain general well-being, besides to take antioxidant-rich food s to resist free radical damage, it is essential to eat foods that rich in fiber to improve microflora in our intestinal which may help in detoxification and to improve your skin tone. Passionbeau is rich in dietary fiber, including soluble fiber, which draws water into your stool and make it softer. On the other hand, the insoluble fibers, which help to increase the size of stool volume, promote intestinal peristalsis and easier to pass through intestines.  Those ingredients help to prevent constipation, good for digestive system, encourage regular bowel movement, which play a vital role to promote overall wellbeing.

Passion fruit contains potassium and vitamin A, which are the key nutrients in regulating blood pressure, improving eyesight, improving skin quality, may be beneficial in lungs & oral health. In the past few years, organic chia seeds have been proved to be the star of superfood, as they contain high-quality protein, plant antioxidants and essential amino acids and essential fatty acids (Omega-3) that cannot be synthesized by human body They are low in calorie and high dietary fiber. Moringa oleifera, it has been aptly named the "Tree of Life", grows in tropical and subtropical regions and is famous for its nutritional characteristics. It is believed can clarify and purify river water. Moringa powder is rich in vitamins A, C, E, various minerals such as calcium and potassium, as well as complete amino acids that are especially important to vegetarians. Also, it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties, important in improving skin conditions such as eczema and acne.

Resistant dextrin is a kind of water-soluble dietary fiber, which not only has strong resistance to human digestive enzymes, but can improve colon well-being through inflammation relief and intestinal immunity stimulation. Recently, some studies have focused on resistant dextrin which help in weight management program.

Ingredients: Passion Fruit Juice Powder, organic chia seed, β-Carotene, Moringa powder, Resistant Dextrin

Suitable for:

•    People who care about immunity and the blood lipid

•    People who are with high mental pressure

•    People who are with imbalanced diet

•    People who are with irregular life routine

•    People who care about the health of gastrointestinal tract

•    People who care about general well-being

Recommended Usage:

1 pack every other day, add to 150 ml of warm/cold water, stir well and served. Drink more water after consumption. Consume before breakfast or before meal for better result.

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